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Combat and Rules

Combat management


Sigfadir Kämpferbund

Fighter groups

Hird Hvitakrists.png

Hird Hvitakrists

Mulander Sippe.png
Sveit Skjarvanna.png
Hrafn Greddir.png
Ville Hingster.png

Ville Hingster

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Wotans Wölfe.png
Traefjord Svarte Skjold.png

District 35

Swaiut Toringi.png
Legio Albis.png

The Holmgang

All the brave among you, step forward and rise to defend the honor of your clan or guild! In a three-day duel tournament of 1vs1, you have the chance to emerge victorious and gain the status as the Jarl over Steinfurt for a year. 

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Unbenannasdft Kopie_edited_edited_edited

Only those who register here will be able to take part in the Holmgang tournament on site!

The shield wall

Once a day it is up to the clans and guilds to demonstrate their cohesion and skill. They compete in the mighty shield wall, and each survivor will achieve another triumph point in the tournament for Steinfurt. So the legend of these brave fighters is written day after day as they vie for control of Steinfurt.

The Jarl's Sword

To the one who rises to triumph among the opponents of the Steinfurt-Ting, fate promises the legendary Jarl's Sword of Steinfurt as a reward for his outstanding talent. Artfully forged by skilled hands, this blade becomes a powerful symbol of superiority, destined to serve the future wearer in all its aspects to render loyal service in battles.

Klinge: 1.1248 Federstahl, gehärtet
Knauf & Parier: Berylliumbronze
Griff: Walnuss


Maße & Gewicht:
Klingenlänge: 700mm
Grifflänge: 115mm
Gesamtlänge: 880mm
Gewicht: 960g
Point of Balance: 78mM





Anyone who proves themselves in the Holmgang tournament can mint this coin themselves on site.


Große Schlacht: 

Anyone who takes part in the ranks of the great battles can mint this coin themselves on site.


Holmgang/Große Schlacht: 

Anyone who proves themselves both in the Holmgang and in the big battle can mint this special coin on site.


The fights are fought in semi-contact mode “Huscarl”. In this mode, the entire body serves as a target for blows, with the exception of the feet, neck, and face. Stabbing the head and hands is also prohibited. Only “effective hits” that are achieved with the striking or piercing surface of the respective weapon are recognized as hits. Blunt hits are not taken into account. The intensity of the blows and stabs should be chosen so that the fighter hit feels the hit, without injuries being the goal of the fights. Stings should be directed towards the ground. A fighter who touches the ground loses the round. Fights with a focus on fair and safe dealings.

Weapons and hit zones

Sharp objects/weapons/pieces of armor or firearms are strictly prohibited! 

Längen aktuell.png

Body protection

As a minimum requirement, all people taking part in the fight must wear padded hand protection and a helmet made of at least 2 mm thick metal.

behaviour rules

Participation in fights under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted. Even if the fights are held in tournament form, every fight must be fair and safe.

The rules are a first draft. These will be further revised until the Ting. Any suggestion for improvement is welcome.

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