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The MARKET is in Steinfurt Herbstein 13-15 Sept, 2024 

Ein Wochenende Für die ganze Familie4.png

A week before the equinox, the clans gather

from near and far to Steinfurt's Great ting and invite you to be part of it.
Experience the hustle and bustle of our market, 
where craftsmen demonstrate their skills and traders sell their wares. 
Let yourself be embraced by our hospitality.
and together we relive the storage and life of the past for a weekend.

Take part when the warriors of the clans meet for Holmgang and big battles

to choose the new Jarl of Steinfurt.

May the gods accompany you on your journey and lead you safely to us!

Hear, you distant wanderers,

What to expect at the market

Ting Details

The Market

On the 7000M2 market area, you will  witness like over 40  skilled craftsmen produce their products and 

From artfully carved wooden objects to hand-woven textiles to delicate jewelry made from precious metals - you'll find unique masterpieces here. 

Each piece tells a story and reflects the creativity and dedication of the Vikings.

tournament ground

Daily fights await visitors on the tournament field.

The men and women of the clans compete against each other in the Halmgang to determine the new Jarl of Steinfurt in a 3-day tournament.

In addition, up to 120 fighters from the clans and clans meet every day on our large battlefield to prove their skills in the shield wall. 

Winkingerspiele und Kämpf der Kleinen Krieger

During times when the big fighters are recovering from the tournament, the arena is available for the little warriors to practice fighting with wood.

Also  Everyone is called upon to compete with the Vikings in games of skill.

The Camp

On over 16,000 m2 of storage space, visitors gain a unique insight into the camp life of the Vikings, where they can immerse themselves in times gone by. 

Surrounded by traditional tents and fireplaces, he experiences the daily life of the Vikings up close. 

From crafts such as blacksmithing and weaving to preparing meals using ancient recipes, this is where the past comes to life. 

The people in their wool and linen robes tell stories and share their knowledge about the culture and customs of their ancestors. 

It is a place of learning and inspiration that immerses visitors in a fascinating world of Vikings.


Ting Square, a place of jurisprudence and assembly. So this place is used for the opening and announcement.

Daily stories bring bygone times to life while music makes souls sing.

The Camp

The Camp

12:00 Uhr: 


14:00 Uhr:


15:30 Uhr: 


17:30 Uhr: 


20:00 Uhr:                


21:30 - 23:00 Uhr:    

entrance to the campsite 

Training and preliminary battles on the battlefield

Market opening

Opening of the Steinfurt-Ting tournament in Holmgang

Steinfurt-Ting tournament in Holmgang

Big concert with Poeta Magica on stage

Dealers' closing time

Celebrate at the taverns


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Steinfurt Ting Pennys


Whether you're a fighter, a supporter or a pre-orderer, grab the hammer and make your ownTing-pfennig. Different metals and symbols become personal symbols of your actions.

The Onager


In 885 AD, during the siege of Paris by Danish Vikings, the late ancient Roman catapult Onager appears to have been among the siege weapons that may have been used. We are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to experience this fascinating 1:2 replica on site and to be able to operate it yourself.



Get your entry tickets now and reserve a spot on our campsite!

13. September 2024 - 15. September 2024
Schwarzastraße 8, 36358 Herbstein, OT Steinfurt, Deutschland


Our special thanks go to everyone who has accompanied us on our journey so far.

Without you, the Steinfurt-Ting wouldn't be what it is today.

But our journey is far from over. Therefore, any support is welcome so that we can continue to follow this path consistently and make our Ting a unique journey through time.


We therefore cordially invite everyone who is interested to get actively involved –be it through modest financial contributions, donations in kind, active local support or potential sponsorship contracts. Any form of help will help make the Steinfurt-Ting an unforgettable event for all of us.



From replicas suitable for museums to props for the film industry to furnishing private collections. The science fiction model making team from Helios makes collectors' hearts beat faster.



Danelag Wikinger


Sigfadir Kriegerbund


Thorin Grimnirson



Schwarzastraße 8

36358 Steinfurt/Herbstein

more then 10k squaremeter parking area
über 7000m² Marktfläche
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